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Hey babies! Welcome to my "Swingers" page! This page is also highlights the hot actor, Vince Vaughn! Yes ladies, hold onto your hats. Vince has been seen in The Lost World, Clay Pigeons, Psycho and The Cell. I like to hold the honor of being one of the first internet pages to recognize him. But be sure to check out the awesome This is...Vince Vaughn web site. For now, just sit back and enjoy the're money baby. Thank you all for your email and guestbook entries - I wish I had time to answer everyone! P.S. I was recently an extra in a bar scene in "The Replacements" (filmed in Baltimore) and briefly met John Favreau. He was a very friendly and funny guy! Makes me proud to have my page. P.S. This page was made a LONG time ago and it hasn't really been updated, but people still seem to like it - so enjoy. Also go see/rent/buy Wedding Crashers!! It's Vince at his finest.

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If you are unfamiliar with the movie which brought back the Lounge scene, here's my short synopsis...

Mike (Jon Favreau) moved from NY to Los Angeles to further his acting career. He left his girlfriend behind in NY and his friends make every attempt to convince him that he's 'money'(cool) and should move on. Mike is out of work - and his actor friends frequent the local night spots, mainly in the pursuit of 'babies'(girls). Mike's bestfriend, Trent (Vince Vaughn), takes him on a short trip to Vegas to find 'babies' convincing Mike not to be 'puppy dogs & ice cream' (sensitive) with the ladies. Trent is the polar opposite of sensitive with the ladies, but he's hilarious to watch. Essentially, the movie is a peek into the lives of these 5 "swingers" and their quest for a good time. It's very funny, well written, and the talented ensemble of actors make it all the better! Rent or buy it tonight!

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