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Jason Nesmith has just released his first solo EP titled "NoMedia" and his first solo full length album "Greetings from Pleasure Island"
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Some of my photos from the Monkees in Washington DC '97!
Read the TV Guide article about the Monkees televsion special (2/17/97)
Check out my 1967 Monkees Comic cover and 1967 TV Guide picture!

One of the most unrespected bands of all time! Will these guys ever get a break? I first fell in love with The Monkees sometime in the 70's when they were showing re-runs of their hit TV show from the late 60's. The show filled my childhood days with laughter. Then, when they came back in the 80's I was thrilled! And I was finally old enough to see a concert. And I wasn't disappointed! Then to my surprise the guys came back for their 31th Anniversery Tour! AND a new album! What could be better you ask? All FOUR Monkees, perhaps? I had the wonderful experience of seeing all four guys on tour this past March in England. It was amazing! Read my review here! Peter, Micky & Davy continued touring the United States in 1997, while Mike stayed on his ranch to work on the screenplay for the future MONKEES MOVIE (?) and to finish his novel - The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamorra. Plans were for the three guys to do some shows in Australia and New Zealand - but those fell apart, much to the dismay of the Far East and Australian fans. As for 1998 the Monkees will be working on their solo projects and were supposed to tour again in 1999! Alas it is now 2001 and David Fishof (from the 1986 tour) was able to get the guys together once again for a Spring and Summer tour! So be sure to check out Monkees 2001 for their most recent tour schedule. This year's show is a great mix of the old and new, and has a new sense of vitality! Don't miss it! Special thanks to Brad Waddell (a wealth of Monkee info) for letting me use some of his pic's. Click on the Maggie McManus link to check out the latest Monkees Tour Schedule, Monkee News, and to join Monkee Business Fanzine!

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Check out another awesome band created in a way similar to The Monkees.
They are NOT your average "boy band"!


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