The Midnight Hour

Phil, Mitch, Vinnie, Mary and Melissa are friends who unwittingly wake Melissa's great, great, great, great grandmother Lucinda, a witch, whose curse has brought the dead back to get revenge. Sandy is a cheerleader from the 50's who is back to help the kids & fall in love.. (synopsis from

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My detailed summary of the movie:
On Halloween night, High School friends, Phil (Lee Montgomery), Melissa (Shari Belefonte-Harper), Vinnie (Levar Burton), Mitch (Peter DeLuise), and Mary (Dedee Pfeiffer) break into the Pitchford Cove wax museum to "borrow" costumes for the costume party Melissa was throwing that night. They store the items in a trunk they found in the basement and head off to the creepiest place to try them on - the cemetery! Once at the cemetery they find a sealed ancient parchment of Nathaniel Grenvilles (Phil's great, great, great grandfather). The open the parchment to reveal a curse set forth by Lucinda Cavender (Melissa's great, great grandmother) many years ago. The teens read the curse as a joke, and unwillingly set forth the curse upon the town.

Soon after the kids leave the cemetery, all the dead, demons, ghouls, werewolves, witches, and zombies come alive. They start on their merry (or not so merry) way into town to wreak havoc, or accomplish things they didn't do while they were still alive.

Meanwhile, the group gathers at Melissa's party one by one. On his way to the party Phil runs into Sandy (Jonna Lee) a beautiful girl dressed in a 1950's cheerleader outfit. She looks confused so Phil stops and they talk for a little while. He tells her about the party, but she declines and continues on her search to find her old house.

Back at the party Lucinda shows up, just as Phil gets there. He can't wait to see Mary (whom he has a crush on), but when she finally gets there she's only interested in another guy. Lucinda finds Melissa down in the wine cellar and attacks her with her vampire teeth. (A very cool scene done to The Smiths, "How Soon Is Now" song) Melissa comes back upstairs a 'new woman' and starts to spread the evil starting with her boyfriend Vinnie. Phil gets fed up with his costume, and Mary ignoring him so he leaves the party.

On the way home Phil runs into Sandy again. She and Phil hit it off and drive around town looking for Sandy's old haunts which of course are no longer around, so she suggests they head up to the lake. Once they get there, and she gets Phil in the backseat for some "innocent" kissing - a werewolf jumps on their car, tearing the roof, and Phil's clothes with his claws. They narrowly escape and head back into town to tell the cops (who don't believe them of course!) Phil starts to realize that something is really wrong as they drive around town, and Sandy clues him in to what has happened.  She tells him they have to end the curse by midnight because, "Because if we don't do it while it's still Halloween on the night the evil was created, everyone who dies this night will walk again and all who are touched by evil shall become evil - forever."

To end the curse they need to reseal the parchment with the remains of Nathanial Grenville with a wax seal of Nathanial's ring. But the ring is on Mitch's hand back at the party! So, Sandy and Phil head back to the party which is silent and empty. Everyone has been turned into a vampire/zombie and they're after Phil. Mitch attacks first.  After a fight through the kitchen door, they are able to slip the ring off of his finger and run out of the house. After the obligatory "car won't start" moment, the zombies are close behind them as they head back to the cemetery to end the curse.

Phil and Sandy get another surprise when their substitute teacher (Cindy Morgan) pops up in the back seat.  Although she is a vampire too, and soon attacks Phil.  Sandy whacks her on the head with a flashlight to save him.  After they get the bone dust from the tomb, they realize they left the matches in the car, and have to head back.  By this time the zombies are in the cemetery, and start piling up on top of Phil's car.  They try everything to end the curse, but it doesn't work!  Phil frantically asks if they are supposed to say any words. Finally Sandy says "I love you, Phil" thus fulfilling her dream, and ending the curse. In a flash, everything goes back to normal. Phil gets out of the car to check everything out, and sees his jacket lying over a tombstone, he removes it to reveal: "S.M. + P.G" written in tutti frutti lipstick (Sandy's favorite).  He smiles and says "I love you too, Sandy". As he drives out of the cemetery Wolfman Jack comes on the radio and has a request from Sandy to Phil - the 1950's song "Baby I'm Yours." Phil smiles while he listens and then drives away.

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