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Personal Stats: Age 32, Occupation: Office Manager for a wholesale plant nursery. Sometime actress (Liberty Heights, Homicide, Replacements). B.S. in Geography, (nothing to do with my job!). Otherwise, I enjoy archaeology, film, computers, the entertainment industry, and Roman history. I LOVE to travel, I've been to Switzerland, France, Iceland, Canada, England, Mexico, Ireland, and my favorite country - Italy(3 times). I've also visited 24 of the states.
In my spare time (when I'm not working 10 hours a day), I hang out with my awesome hubby, mess around on the internet, drive my ultra-groovy Subaru, write, photograph, ponder and feed our awesome cats (Fred, Pyrate, Gyspsy & Brisco who is a LaPerm). I listen to Classic Rock, Oldies, 40's - 50's, James Lee Stanley, The Monkees, Jason Nesmith, Jeff Buckley, Drum n' Bass, Beatles, The Skunks, Led Zepplin, O-Town, Barry White, Simon & Garfunkel, Sinatra...heck, basically all genres of music (except new cripe).
When I get a chance to watch TV, my faves are: Arrested Development, Survivor, Invisible Man, Eastenders, HGTV, Trading Spaces, BBC shows, old MST3K, Stargate SG-1, Dead Zone, Match Game, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Highlander, The Outer Limits (pre-Scifi channel), MASH, and anything on PBS!
On to movies: Sliding Doors, Army of Darkness (anything with Bruce Campbell), Mememto, It Happened One Night (Claudette Cobert), anything with Bogart or Cary Grant, Swingers, "B" movies, Xanadu (remember that one?), Dolemite, HEAD, Kids in the Hall-Brain Candy, Planet of the Apes, Clue, Addam's Family, and Indiana Jones, Knights Tale, & Shakespeare in Love are some of my fav's.
Finally, my online activities: HTML "old-school", Web Design & Maintainance, Microsoft Office programs, various graphics programs, member of oodles of Yahoo groups, Owner of the Brian Wimmer mailing list, Nancy Boy mailing list, Lee Montgomery mailing list, HHP-CatShow list, and Jason Nesmith mailing list, Featured Geocities Homesteader since 1996 (before that nasty buyout, as you'll notice the massive amounts of advertising)
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In memory of Pixie 3/1990 - 9/5/2000

that healthy yellow glow *grin*
actually just a little fun with Photoline...

Me and Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Some Ultra-Cool people I have met...

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