Donovan Leitch
lead vocals, lyricist

Music Credentials:

Nancy Boy 1993 - present

* Donovan & Kirsty in Vogue layout from Beth.
* Donovan and Kirsty from August '98 Detour Magazine
* Donovan and Kirsty (12/97) taken by Wendy.
* Donovan in I-N-C ad from 6/97 Details magazine
* Picture of Donovan with Gwyneth Paltrow from People magazine (6/22).

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I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) .... Gerard Malanga
Size of Watermelons, The (1996)
Jack the Bear (1993) .... Grad Student
Dark Horse (1992) .... J.B. Hadley
Gas Food Lodging (1992) .... Darius
For the Very First Time (1991) (TV)
Cutting Class (1989) .... Brian Woods
Glory (1989) .... Morse
Blob, The (1988) .... Paul Taylor
In Crowd, The (1988) .... Del
And God Created Woman (1987) .... Peter
All Night Long (video Lionel Ritchie) (1986)
Producer filmography:
Last Party, The (1993)

Writer filmography:
Last Party, The (1993)

Notable TV guest appearances: "21 Jump Street" (1987) in episode: "Mike's P.O.V." 11/20/1989

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Originally from:
Los Angeles, CA

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